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Your love story is much more a one-day-event. It’s an adventure. It’s growth.
It’s a journey of memories and dreams for the future. It’s life. At the same time, your wedding is more than a life-changing. It’s heart-changing. We love it! There’s so a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t it? We can’t wait to tell your love story with our pictures. We are a Rome based wedding photography studio but we love the Destination Wedding and we like to travel even more!!!

Our aim is to catch every special moment in a way that reflects your personality: intimate, funny, true. We just want you to be yourself. What we look for is your emotions, your beauty, your mood. Romantic and timeless pictures, to relive every moment for all of the years to come.
We love wedding reportage mixed with elegant portraits of you. No poses, we break tradition and choose to focus on what is most important to you.


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Marriage Reportage

the best wedding photographer in Rome

Wedding photography in Rome

The choice of your wedding photographer is a delicate decision. Rome offers many professionals. But how to figure out which one is the perfect one for you? The thing that matters is a professional you can really trust and able to make you feel emotions through his pictures. This is what a good wedding photographer means to us.

The Perfect Marriage Reportage

We love the natural light and spontaneity of marriage reportage. You will have by your side a wedding photographer who is careful and discreet catching every moment naturally. If you dream of your wedding photoshoot according to the style of wedding reportage then you are in the perfect place!

"I don't ask you to love me always like this but I ask you to remember

Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight"

Why Ortica Wedding?

Ortica is the Italian word for nettle. Nettle is a wonderful wild plant. It has medicinal effects, it is rich in iron and folid acid - the latter important in the development of the nervous apparatus of the fetus during pregnancy. The nettle is a useful plant at birth. It's complex, it's real as your life and your love story. That's why we chose to call us Ortica Wedding. Nice to meet you: we do Wedding Reportage!

HEY GUYS! Our Mission?

to spread LOVE!


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We were incredibly happy with this service. First, we were a bit particular because I am french/american getting married to an Italian, in Italy. Daphne spoke all our languages perfectly, and put me so at ease, which was priceless to me as it is so easy to get pushed out of wedding planning when you don't speak the language perfectly. Also, since our guests were mixed they easily went with our flow, entered our wedding vibe and were really the best. Also, they stayed overtime taking our photo booth pics and could have easily ran away as soon as we went over. Really they were angels.

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We had an absolutely fantastic experience with Ortica Wedding and Cristiana! My fiance and I live in New York and wanted to have some engagement photos taken in Rome, where we first got together. We were both wary of booking someone online who we had never met but based on Ortica's reviews and fair pricing we went ahead and booked it. Cristiana was super responsive and flexible from the first correspondence. She suggested locations for our photo shoot and was receptive to our ideas as well. When we arrived in Rome I was worried because the city was sooooo crowded with tourists, I was worried our photos would be full of random people. Cristiana somehow made it seem like we had the city to ourselves. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. On a personal level, Cristiana is wonderfully kind and gave us a fantastic restaurant suggestion off the beaten path. She is supremely talented and a great person!

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e me suis installée à Paris pour mon travail et ici j'ai rencontré celui qui plus tard serait devenu mon mari. Quand nous avons décidé de nous marier j'étais terrifiée de choisir le photographe pour mon mariage par internet, mais par hasard j'ai vu les photos d'Ortica Wedding et je suis tombée amoureuse: j'ai découvert un studio tout au féminin qui m'a aidée et câlinée tout au long de l’organisation. Encore plus agréable à été découvrir que Daphné parlait parfaitement français! Leurs images me bougent à chaque fois. Je les recommande à tous! Merci encore pour le merveilleux travail!
Daria et Vincent

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I lived in Rome for a couple of years and I really love Italy. When I decided to come back to Rome for my honeymoon I absolutely had to take pictures with my husband. So I found Ortica Wedding. What could I tell you? They are amazing!!!!

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Ortica wedding is the best choise for your wedding. Daphne was brilliant from the beginning to the end. She was friendly and very professional since the moment we meet her. She captured the wedding day so beautifully we could not be any happier with them!

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Chris & Hanna

Cristiana and Daphne were absolutely amazing from the beginning through the end. They gave us support and guidance. On our Wedding day, we felt like we had Two friends there with us. we couldn’t be happier with the results. Everything went smooth and relaxed. Daphne and Cristiana really love what they do and have captured memories we will cherish forever. Love you, girls...Hanna and Chris

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Can't wait to meet you!