Spanish Steps

27 January 2020

Nancy + Jacob

A Romantic Engagement in Rome

In this gallery we would love to show to you Nancy and Jacob’s romantic engagement in Rome. They came from the USA and contacted us to make unforgettable their trip to Italy. We were enthusiastic to join them! We worked to make their experience in Rome fantastic. We aimed to make them feel self-confident and relaxed. The shooting would have been easier and the pictures more natural and lovely! We wanted our photographs to turn into a cool memory of their trip to Rome. And we did it! what do you think?

Empty Streets: a Shooting in Rome at Sunrise

We met early in the morning. When the streets are empty, Rome is stunning. It seems something different. We live in Rome and sometimes we forget how it can be beautiful for who doesn’t live here. Thanks to our working we can meet people who remember us. When it came to sharing Nancy and Jacob’s Engagement in Rome, we immediately thought we want to share this photo shooting because it expresses this feeling.

The Best Location in Rome

Nancy and Jacob asked us about the best places ever to go. We made some suggestion, but we would like them to feel free to choose from. Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Trinità Dei Monti, the Colosseum and finally the Capitol. Once the locations were established, we took care of the whole planning, including transfers. So that Nancy and Jacob can enjoy the time spent with us. Rome is a beautiful city. Its charm grows at first light in the morning when the streets are still empty and everything is silent.