Demian & Gaia


23 June 2019

Reportage Demian + Gaia


The wedding reportage we present in this gallery is about an unconventional married couple. Two adorable children, a big colourful house, a dog, three sisters and lots of friends. On their wedding, Demian and Gaia decided to enjoy until the last second. They expected a big party and so it was! We literally chased them all day. They were funny, kind to everyone, smiling and full of energy till the very end. The wedding pictures by Demian and Gaia were a true wedding reportage: a few posed shots, natural and spontaneous pictures, thousand of toasts, dances and laughter. What we did on their wedding day was to follow them in a discrete and silky way. The wedding report we gave them tells of a day full of joy and friends. A day in which everything was just as it should be. We make our best wishes to Demian, Gaia and their fantastic children!

Photos: Ortica Wedding | Venue: Casali Santa Brigida | Film: Relive Wedding