documenting your family life

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Make your memories unforgettable. Photography to us is special, in that we get to capture special moments in people’s lives and put them in a time capsule to last forever. Memories are something unique to keep and cherish with care. The pictures have the power to stop time. If you wish to keep every little change of you and your children, the New Born service will be the right way to remember all the stages of your growth together.

Your Family’s Memories

Becoming parents is an emotion that cannot be described. Each time it’s like the first time. Seeing your child, feeling him or her breath, touching him or her and thinking that is part of you: it’s something you can’t get used to. If you want to fix the memory of these moments forever, then the Newborn photoshoot is for you.

Which is the best time for a New Born Session?

Traditional newborn sessions take place within the first 5-14 days after your baby is born. This timeframe is best because that is when the baby sleeps the most and is relaxed enough for cute posing. This newborn session is a complete 3-hour session which also includes parent & sibling photos. We like to take my time and keep both the parents and baby relaxed during newborn sessions, so we usually schedule sessions to last 3 hours. This allows us time to gently pose babies and also provides time for feeding breaks as well.

Where will we meet?

Our studio is in Rome! We have a small natural light studio where we generally do our sessions. We do however love outdoor Newborn sessions and, depending on the weather, will gladly meet you at one of many lovely parks in Rome. We have a large list of locations that we can use to fit whatever theme you choose for your session and give us the chance to incorporate some natural beauty into your little one’s session! If you like, we can do indoor newborn photos and outdoor Family photos!