Photobooth per matrimonio a Roma

un’idea divertente e originale

Wedding Photobooth

Funny, crazy, amusing: make your wedding really special! Photobooth is the service for you.

Photobooth Wedding: let’s start the party!

The Photobooth on wedding day is a real event in the event that will transform your wedding or reception into a real party. Your guests will have fun chasing the most original disguise and you will give them a different souvenir!

What’s Photo Booth? Don’t you know yet? It is a real themed corner with backdrop and professional lights. Your guests can indulge in the most absurd poses. It’s a simple way to entertain the guests during the wedding reception. Their only concern will be to pose!

Fun facts: the Photobooth is a service came to Italy straight from the United States and had immediate success: funny, engaging and original.

Setting up your with Ortica Wedding

Perfect for any kind of wedding, the photo booth is a corner entirely dedicated to guests! It can be customized with a specific theme: a movie or a TV series, a song or a book; alternatively with the theme chosen for your wedding. We’ll take care of setting up the photobooth so that everything works according to your plans!

We will bring all the necessary equipment. Wigs, fake mustaches, masks and extravagant glasses: we will provide you with everything. There will be the most funny gadgets to turn your set into a real party! The wedding photo booth will be the real attraction of your wedding. Even the most timid guests will get involved!