Rental Photo Booth

the best way to turn your party on

Rental Photo Booth

The rental photo boot cabin is a fun way to entertain guests of a wedding, reception or party. It’s a perfect photo booth for an unconventional and original wedding where guests can take nice selfies with bizarre and eccentric accessories.
If you want to add some sparkle to your wedding, the Photo Booth in Rome is the service for you! The Photobooth will be installed in the location chosen during the reception. Spontaneity, creativity and fun are the keywords of this highly original attraction that will make your wedding an unforgettable party.

Photobooth Touch Screen

The Photo Booth cabin is completely automatic , equipped with a modern touch screen. Your guests will only have to look at themselves, chose in the right pose and have fun with extraordinary selfies. Be crazy, your wedding will become a memorable party! Perfect for any kind of wedding, reception and special event. The Photobooth cabin will be the real attraction of the day and the guests will have further positive memory of your wedding. Everyone will have fun, even the timidest guests will get involved in the photobooth!

Setting up your Photobooth with Ortica Wedding

The setup of the photo booth is studied in detail: we will provide all the gadgets and accessories to ensure that your guests can unleash their creativity. We will also provide you with a free guest book . All guest books are handmade by Roman artisans and can be customized with your names.
Professional-quality prints are immediately released; unlimited number and in multiple copies. Furthermore, the pictures can be customised with filters or logos chosen by you.